Driving the Bugatti Chiron

In April 2017 I had the good fortune to attend a Customer Drive event in Portugal for the new Bugatti Chiron – I know!!! The reason for my presence was to write for the Bugatti customer magazine ettore. If you would like to read the two articles that came out of that, I’ll upload them shortly in a separate post alongside a bit more background on the trip.

This article concerns actually driving the beast itself. I wrote it up at the time for my regular slot in Audi Driver – yeah, I know, the link is tenuous, but proof that the Bugatti badge will get you in anywhere on just about any terms.

Enjoy … I certainly did!

Driving the Bugatti Chiron. Article published in Audi Driver May 2017
Given the subject matter and the VW Group connection, Audi Driver magazine showed me some latitude in my choice of topic for the May 2017 issue

Images courtesy of Dominic Fraser


  1. What a thoroughly enjoyable read. Stating the obvious, perhaps, but your Chiron experience is something most petrol-heads could only dream of. Your ability with words manages to draw the reader in completely. I was thrilled for you and jealous in equal measure. And yes, I will happily confess to grinning throughout whilst poring over the entire article.


  2. Thank you so much for the comment, Colin. I’m especially happy that you felt drawn in by the article. With a car like the Chiron, that so few people will ever get to sit in, let alone drive, it really matters to me to be able to share that experience in a way that makes the reader feel part of it 🙂


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