Edinburgh more congested than London

According to mapping and navigation company TomTom’s latest Traffic Index, drivers in Edinburgh suffer more rush-hour hold-ups than any other UK city. The index gives Edinburgh a 41% congestion level, ranking it above London in second place at 38%.

This is TomTom’s ninth annual traffic index, which examines data from 416 countries around the world. Worst in the rankings overall is the Indian city of Bengaluru, with a mind-numbing 71% congestion level. Edinburgh ranks 33rd overall, while London is in 45th place.

The percentage congestion level calculated by TomTom means that Edinburgh drivers travelling during busy times take 41% longer to reach their destination than they do during the city’s “baseline uncongested conditions”. This is the third time in a row that Scotland’s capital has ranked worst in the UK for congestion, and the situation is worsening. The figure of 41% is up from 40% last year and 39% in 2017.

According to TomTom, the data analysed for the index comes from more than 600 million users of its navigation technology. The accuracy of the analysis, of course, depends upon the data density from each city.

As far as the UK cities included in the analysis are concerned, it is perhaps surprising how many of the country’s major cities are NOT in the top ten. Manchester only just scrapes in at number nine with 33%, while Liverpool and Birmingham are placed neck-and-neck at 13th and 14th with 28%. My home city of Glasgow is way down the UK list in 22nd place (204th overall) with 25%. However, the best UK city for drivers according to the index is Middlesbrough with a 20% congestion level.

Click here to see how your own city ranks.

Photo credit: TomTom International BV

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