Water News

My new outlet Ooska News “does exactly what it says on the tin”.

The word “ooska” is a phonetic derivation of the Gaelic word “uisge”, which means water. And Ooska News is all about water. Whether we drink it, grow crops with it, generate electricity with it, pollute it or fight about it, water is crucial to life and, as I have heard experts put it, “runs as a continuum” through the world that sustains us.

I have to say, I am very much enjoying my work with Ooska. As well as giving me much-needed practice in the art of news writing, I am also enjoying the chance to get my teeth into some proper investigative journalism – which has seen me sifting through government databases and submitting freedom of information requests left, right and centre (more on that to come).

Ooska runs a series of roundtable discussions called “aquaNOW Audiences” hosted on Vimeo. Moderated by Ooska’s editor-in-chief David Duncan, these live-streamed sessions and pre-recorded one-to-one interviews address a wide range of themes impacting the water sector. The panelists are as wide-ranging as the continuum of water itself, ranging from scientists and academics, to representatives from industry, government and NGOs all the way to artists and religious clerics.

My job in all of this is to write up these interviews and discussions into articles for the website.

COP26: Blue Thinking For A Green Economic Recovery
aquaNOW Audience: Five Water Experts Look Forward To “The Scottish COP”

Exploring The Non-market Value Of Water To Society: aquaNOW Audience
Scotland Celebrates World Water Day 2021

Interview: Water Is Lever For Shifting Gear On Climate Action
Netherlands’ International Water Envoy Calls For More Global Focus And Cooperation On Water

Interview: New Scotland, Hydro Nation Chair
Andrew Tyler Describes Hydro Nation Chair Ambitions, Looks Forward to COP26

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